Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bat Reps

I was able to actually get in two games today and was pretty happy how the army did. I played both games against Drew and his Dark Eldar. Both games were played at 1000 points and I used the same list in both games that I posted.

His list was more or less Archon, 3 squads of wyches in raiders, two 3 man bike squads with the d3 hits for running units over, and a venom with incubi.

The first game we did 3 objectives. I won the roll and deployed first. I decided to put everything on the left flank of the board, and fight for the left objective and the middle objective. Drew countered by putting everything on the other side of the board. The first turn the razorbacks moved to the center of the board and used smoke. The terminators went straight forward and hid in a building out of site. The purgation squad moved from it cover towards the building the terminators were hiding behind. On the dark eldar turn he moved his bikes around the back of the building the terminators were hiding behind and moved a raider that way as well. The other two raiders and venom moved to the middle area.

The second turn I used astral aim to shoot at a squad of bikes that I could not see and made them run, they were under 50 so they ran forever. Two raiders were also knocked out during this turn. A few guys here and there went down from a wytch squad. His turn he assaulted the terminators with his archon and squad. After two turns the terminators were able to take them out.

Turn three both strike squads were out of the razorbacks and fighting wytches. The last raider went down on this turn, and everything was locked in combat at this point except the 3 man bike squad and the purgation squad. On his turn he was losing both combats but did not run. He also made the purgation squad fall back with one guy remaining in it.

Turn four saw all assaults end with the Grey Knights winning all of them, even though I forgot to use the psy grenades on my leader which could have helped some more. The solo purgation psycannon was able to pick off two bikes and we decided to call it game here at the end of the fourth turn since all that was left was the bike.


I am going to save the second battle rep for Monday.
I picked up paint, primer, and a razorback today on the modeling front.
Earlier this week I built my Land Raider Crusader.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Grey Knights

I traded my Vostryan army away and received a ton of grey knights nib.
8 Boxes of Grey Knights
5 boxes of terminators
1 Land Raider

In other good news I have a bunch of Imperial Guard still sealed in box, so my plan is to return that and get some stuff to fill out what I got. Mainly need to get the codex and 2 Razorbacks to finish out my 1k list. Ill will also probably get the dreadknight because its such an awesome looking model.

Here is the list I am going to try out at 1k.

Brother Captain
Psy Grenades

6 man strike squad
Psy ammo

6 man strike squad
psy ammo

5 terminators

6 man Purgation squad
4 psycannon

Don't know exactly when I am going to be able to get my first game in, but hopefully it happens sooner rather than later. Also, I am in now way quitting the Imperial Guard.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why we fight

Captain Harp sat in his officers quarters waiting for word from his first search and rescue parties. An NCO 1st Sgt came in through the door and told him that neither scout party had found any survivors. He also reported that the starport was completly abandoned and that units were moving in now to establish a key supply point. He told him that they had also set up a defensive perimeter in an abandoned city just north of Alpha 1, which had become the slang for the forward command headquarters.
Captain Harp told him that we would have to hold off on more searching and that it was time to start building defences. Harp told his non com that he had a feeling they would be on Din for quite some time. The non com turned to Harp and said, sir god created us right, and god created the enemies of the imperium, Harp gave a harsh look at his non com and asked if there was a question in there. The non com slightly scared on continuing said sir what do you believe in. Harp grinned and said son I believe in ammunition, now why dont you get back to the front.
Just as the non com was about to leave the room Inquisitor Albrecht came crashing through the door nearly knocking the sgt to the ground and told Harp that he felt something was coming and that they just move the the jungle area as soon as possible.

So the first two turns were kinda uneventful for me in the campaign just mainly taking 3 tiles near my hq. Luckily i was able to grab a starport. So this will give me access to the moon this turn. Kevin attacked me so I will be playing a game against chaos demons on thurs.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Din Kaldir

As word came in that the warp storm over Din Kaldir had cleared, and with no word on whether or not there were any survivors left on the planet Captain Harp had no idea that it would be his company that would lead a search and rescue.

Harp sat in his officers quarters at outpost Delta 5 his 1st Lieutenant came in with a message in hand. Lieutenant Spears said told the Captain that they have recieved orders from Terra that the 208th Valhallan would lead the initial search and rescue on the ground. Harp sat still for a moment wondering what terrors they would find on the planet after a warp storm. He had never been to a planet that had suffered a warp storm only heard the tales. Now he would be responsible for saving any life that remains on the planet. What he did not know was that Inquisitor Albrecht would be joining up wiht the 208th to do a full investigation on whether or not Din Kaldir would be declared for Exterminatus.

Harp turned to Spears and told him to ready the men and have the airborne prepare the ships for transport. Harp did not know what foes lie before him, but he did know that his men would follow him to hell's end, and it is on Din Kaldir that the 208th might find that end.

So this is the first time I am going to be playing in a campaign. There are 20 ppl in it so it should be a lot of fun. They made a very nice tile map for it. I placed my HQ pretty close to where Drew put his since he is playing Space Wolves and I'm playing Guard.
I have been working on the Valhallans for the past two months and they are almost all purchased and built so that is good.
The High Elves are on ebay after some dick backed out of deal on barter town. So close to owning a titan. So I will use that cash to buy the last few things I need and my army will be up and running by the time of my first battle.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fall in line trooper

Well things are really starting to come together for the valhallans. I was able to get most of the stuff I needed for that army this week. Also this past week I was able to play three games.

My list

Master of ord

4 Flamers

Squad with auto cannon x4

3 meltaguns


3 Autocannons
3 Lascannons

This list did very well this past week netting me three wins.

Game 1 was vs orks

The green tide was coming and it was up to Captain Harp to stop them.

His list was roughly Big mek with custom, 3 units of 25 with nob with powerclaw, dread, and 15 lootas.

I honestly dont remember to much from this game except that the punished killed several orks. Also on the last turn the master of ord called down a great strike taking out his remaining unit. I won this game one objective to zero.

Game 2 vs Space Wolves

His list roughly 2 ten mans in rhino, predator, Space Wolf Chap equiv, 15 Jump Packers.

He stole the first turn by getting the six and was able to advance his army up the board. I returned some fire on the first turn doing minimal damage, immobilizing a rhino was the highlight of this turn. The second turn his jump packers jumped over the kill and tore a guard unit apart. My second turn i fired everything possible at the chap and his jump packers bringing them down to around 4 guys. The only thing not to shoot at them were the vets who parked there chimera next to a rhino got out assaulted and surrounded the tank exits and placed some melta bombs. The screams of the burning wolves inside gave Vet Sgt Kemp a deep satisfaction.

Turn three the jump packers took out another unit as the chap tried to go alone. On my turn the punisher took sight on the chaplin along with a chimera and two remaining squads. Inflicting 23 wounds he made all but one. On turn 4 the chaplin charged and found the bayonette of a guardsmen to be his demise and not the tons of lead pumped into his runic armor. On my turn 4 it was clean up time. The lascannons took sight of the predator and finally were able to knock it out. The punisher and remaining squads open up fire on the marines who were holding near the objective by their immobile rhino. The remaining jump packers were eventually grinded down in close combat with the vets. I won this game two objectives to zero.

Third game was vs Guard

He roughly took CCS with master of ord and mortar, PCS x2 with mortars, 4 squads with a lascannon 2 of which had meltagun 2 with plasma gun, a reg LRBT, a punisher, and a basi. Oh boy that is a lot of ordance coming down.

Captain Harp was able to keep his men in line during this game despite the amount of incoming fire. Some highlight of the game were my vets assaulting both russes and taking them out, my master of ord scattering like 15 inches into the basi and taking it out. This game finished with me having two objectives and the other guard having one .

All in all this was a good week for the Valhallans. So far ive put together 24 Valhallans. I know thats a weird number but each squad comes with two guys that are very hard to glue so i was waiting to get some blue tac so they will be easier to put together. I have a ton of shit to put together after my purchases this week included:

2 Chimera
2 Demolisher
1 Cadian Battle Box
1 Heavy weapons squad box
1 Box of men at arms who are being converted into vets

Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is my new project. I am still trying to decide what kinda army I want to field with them but so far I got two squads of ten to paint up. I also made a purchase from forge world for 1 squad of Elysians and the Kreig Commisar which I think is my new favorite model. So if anyone has ideas on how I should run the Valhallans let me know.

Ive been getting ass handed to me vs orks in apoc but proud last game took down one of the stompas and the garg squigoth, so progress is being made.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The air calv has arrived

The three valks came in today, barter town is the best thing ever.