Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Why we fight

Captain Harp sat in his officers quarters waiting for word from his first search and rescue parties. An NCO 1st Sgt came in through the door and told him that neither scout party had found any survivors. He also reported that the starport was completly abandoned and that units were moving in now to establish a key supply point. He told him that they had also set up a defensive perimeter in an abandoned city just north of Alpha 1, which had become the slang for the forward command headquarters.
Captain Harp told him that we would have to hold off on more searching and that it was time to start building defences. Harp told his non com that he had a feeling they would be on Din for quite some time. The non com turned to Harp and said, sir god created us right, and god created the enemies of the imperium, Harp gave a harsh look at his non com and asked if there was a question in there. The non com slightly scared on continuing said sir what do you believe in. Harp grinned and said son I believe in ammunition, now why dont you get back to the front.
Just as the non com was about to leave the room Inquisitor Albrecht came crashing through the door nearly knocking the sgt to the ground and told Harp that he felt something was coming and that they just move the the jungle area as soon as possible.

So the first two turns were kinda uneventful for me in the campaign just mainly taking 3 tiles near my hq. Luckily i was able to grab a starport. So this will give me access to the moon this turn. Kevin attacked me so I will be playing a game against chaos demons on thurs.

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