Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They will pay

The High Elf Prince paced back and forth, the leader of his army the noble Jigarol had been captured by the Dark Elves. This was no ordinary noble. Third in line to become protecterate of the kingdom is no ordinary nobel. He had no choice he must unleash the armies of his kingdom. The Dark Elves will regret the day they took Jigarol. There was something missing, the army must be led by a new elf, and not just some noble, but none other then the Captain of the Phoniex Guard. I weep for our cousins who have gone astray.

So this weekend I played Drew and his Dark Elves. We were playing at 2250 and I basically just added a mage in and the banner of sorcery. This gave me several more power dice and actually let me do a little bit of offensive magic. The game went very well for me. This was the first battle in which I used a special char and he did not disappoint. He struck down one of drew hero in one swing of the blade doing three wounds. He charged a unit of crossbowmen and held then for two turns widdling them down while waiting for the white lions, and he also made a chariot lay in its own wreckage. I like this current list but the only thing im considering is dropping one unit of archers as it always seems I only really need one unit.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Battle Report

Played a game vs Wong this week. He was using Ogre kingdoms and I was playing the High Elves. This game went very well for me. The ogres basically could not deal with the 4 repeater bolt throwers. By the time he reached my ranks the White Lions and Sword Masters were able to clean up everything that was left. Wizard rolled a 5 for magic which was pretty cool as a rip spell. It was a little better cause I think Wong kept forgetting to dispel it so it got up to str 6 hits which was rather nice. Spearmen got run down on a flee move so that was kinda sad but all in all it was a solid game.

Result: Win

Overall Record: 4-1-1
Vs Wong : 3-1-1
Vs Hoj : 1-0
Vs Orcs : 2-0-1
Vs Dark Elves : 0-1-0
Vs Ogre Kingdoms : 2-0-0