Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bat Reps

I was able to actually get in two games today and was pretty happy how the army did. I played both games against Drew and his Dark Eldar. Both games were played at 1000 points and I used the same list in both games that I posted.

His list was more or less Archon, 3 squads of wyches in raiders, two 3 man bike squads with the d3 hits for running units over, and a venom with incubi.

The first game we did 3 objectives. I won the roll and deployed first. I decided to put everything on the left flank of the board, and fight for the left objective and the middle objective. Drew countered by putting everything on the other side of the board. The first turn the razorbacks moved to the center of the board and used smoke. The terminators went straight forward and hid in a building out of site. The purgation squad moved from it cover towards the building the terminators were hiding behind. On the dark eldar turn he moved his bikes around the back of the building the terminators were hiding behind and moved a raider that way as well. The other two raiders and venom moved to the middle area.

The second turn I used astral aim to shoot at a squad of bikes that I could not see and made them run, they were under 50 so they ran forever. Two raiders were also knocked out during this turn. A few guys here and there went down from a wytch squad. His turn he assaulted the terminators with his archon and squad. After two turns the terminators were able to take them out.

Turn three both strike squads were out of the razorbacks and fighting wytches. The last raider went down on this turn, and everything was locked in combat at this point except the 3 man bike squad and the purgation squad. On his turn he was losing both combats but did not run. He also made the purgation squad fall back with one guy remaining in it.

Turn four saw all assaults end with the Grey Knights winning all of them, even though I forgot to use the psy grenades on my leader which could have helped some more. The solo purgation psycannon was able to pick off two bikes and we decided to call it game here at the end of the fourth turn since all that was left was the bike.


I am going to save the second battle rep for Monday.
I picked up paint, primer, and a razorback today on the modeling front.
Earlier this week I built my Land Raider Crusader.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Grey Knights

I traded my Vostryan army away and received a ton of grey knights nib.
8 Boxes of Grey Knights
5 boxes of terminators
1 Land Raider

In other good news I have a bunch of Imperial Guard still sealed in box, so my plan is to return that and get some stuff to fill out what I got. Mainly need to get the codex and 2 Razorbacks to finish out my 1k list. Ill will also probably get the dreadknight because its such an awesome looking model.

Here is the list I am going to try out at 1k.

Brother Captain
Psy Grenades

6 man strike squad
Psy ammo

6 man strike squad
psy ammo

5 terminators

6 man Purgation squad
4 psycannon

Don't know exactly when I am going to be able to get my first game in, but hopefully it happens sooner rather than later. Also, I am in now way quitting the Imperial Guard.