Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Line in the sand

Damnit, lost another apoc battle to the orks. It was my first game using superheavies so that was fun. God damn custom force field stompas are annoying. Highlight of the match was doing 7 wounds to a garg squiggoth on the last turn so close to taking it out. Anyways Drew is pushing for me to go to the game room in sept for some sort of massive one on one game. I will be going up against Chaos and I of course will be playing the Imperial Guard. I decided I need a bit of time so the game will not be played until sept. I think im going to need a few painting nights at the house that woe built.

May stop by the game room to try and pick up some more stuff. Other projects that are currently going on are my valhallans. I have been scouring ebay every day looking to pick some stuff up. I have some auctions ending tomorrow so I hope that Ill be able to win some. My goal is to have a complete company for each race of guard. We will see how that goes. Im also going to order some 10 man squads from the collectors section. 35 bucks for ten guys doesnt seem to bad. I really need a bretonian box of men at arms for some conversions I want to do. I have been wanting to do more conversions lately and have found that I cant bring myself to pick up a brush. I am hoping that this game at the gameroom will inspire some painting to get done. Also all my cadian melta gunners should be coming in the mail this week for some high elf crap that I sent out via bartertown.com

Friday, July 10, 2009

heavy wpns

Here are the pics from some conversions I did for hvy wpns let me know what you think.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reinforcement have arrived

Since we have started playing warhammer I have always been the one pushing for larger games. The group has finally been convinced to play at the apoc level and I think that everyone is enjoying themselves. You would think I would be the first to get a super heavy but sadly I was the last. I picked up a baneblade and stormblade for 100 bucks this past Sunday. When I got home I started on the baneblade, it took quite long to complete. About 5 and a hald hours later my first super heavy was finished and now I cant wait to try her out.