Saturday, December 20, 2008

Color Scheme

Just a note still have to do the hair, ink the bow, skin, and the base so still a bit of work to go but you get the general idea. Let me know what you think.

Weekend Update

All right so I got to play two games vs Wong this week. The first was vs Dark Elves and the second vs the green tide of the orcs. The first list added a unit of Sword Masters at the expense of a chariot and a unit of spearmen more or less. Game was going decent, until the turn after I destroyed Wong's middle. Everyone around the table (Jon and Hoj) were ready to claim massacre for the High Elves, but unfortunatly the Dark Elves had other ideas. I knew it was nowhere near over as I saw all the charges that were about to occur. Also, some more anti magic was added to this list. The dispel scroll that makes the wizard forget the spell on a 4 up was very useful, but the MVP magic item was deff the crystal ball. It takes one dice from my opponents cast pool and adds it to my dispel pool. Nothing wrong with a two dice turn around in my favor. My fears came true in this game as the chariots went racing across the board along with his leaders unit causing pain everywhere. Not a single High Elf stood at the end of the game as Wong had about 400 pts worth of models left on the board.

Result : Loss

The second game went better for me. The focused fire of my 4 Bolt Throwers made it so his leaders unit had about 7 guys left by the time it was close to combat. In this game the spearmen made a strategic retreat allowing the White lions to charge the unit on the flank. That unit then fled and I was able to run into his lowly leaders unit of 7 men. Killing two units in one round of combat was very nice. There were still some issues on the board as the giant was looming around with about three wounds on it from bolt thrower fire. The sword master had to prove their worth having already killed a unit of black orcs took on the giant with some success. Mainly they were able to kill it but 9 died when the giant toppeled ontop of them. Victory was close. A unit of orcs then charged my white lions along with a chariot. They held strong on the first round of combat taking out the chariot. the next turn some bad rolling led to them running, but it was fine as the swordmasters were ready to charge and end the game. The result of this was that I really like the Swordmasters and that the chariot may be on its way out. T4 is just not good enough to justify the chariot in this. Im not sure what I will do with the points at this time but we shall see.

Result: Win

Overall Record: 3-1-1
Vs Wong : 2-1-1
Vs Hoj : 1-0
Vs Orcs : 2-0-1
Vs Dark Elves : 0-1-0
Vs Ogre Kingdoms : 1-0-0

I also painted an archer tonight to get a general idea on color scheme. I am happy how it came out, but i dont have flesh or ink so he is not finished.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fantasy is back

It has finally happened Warhammer Fantasy has come out from the shadows and seems to be alive and well. First off Wong has recruited a new member to the group for gaming who is going to play Chaos which is cool. Wong has decided to start an Orc army with all the models he has recieved from Hoj. Jon will be raising up the Tomb Kings again no pun intended. Older Wong I assume will put his brothers Dark Elf army to good use especially considering he is obsessed with his Black Guard on WAR. Then there is Hoj where you need to roll a dice and consult the randomn events chart to see what army that he is going to be playing. Finally, there is me who will be going with High Elves.

I played three games this weekend. The units I liked from this weekend were my White Lions and my Spearmen. Im not even going to say bolt throwers because who doesnt like using them in an elf army. The units that i am on the fence about are the chariots, i tried out both kinds and a second wizard. The units that I am going to exclude are the prince on the dragon and the great eagle.

Little recap of the game. First game was vs Hoj who was playing Ogres. First couple of turns he was really beating me up. I was just not doing enough damage to really do anything. Then my Prince on a dragon started tearing shit up in his back field. He literally killed 90 percent of Hoj's army.

Result : Win

Second game was vs Wong fielding the orcs. This was a good fight but Im a little hazy on a ton of details. Highlight for him though was a stone thrower unit killing my Prince who got knocked off the dragon by running them down. Apparently a Prince cant fight in close combat with lance on foot lol. (Charge) White lions were starting to emerge as my favorite unit. My chariot did really bad in this game and it made me kinda mad.

Result : Win

Third game was also vs Wong andthe orcs in a rematch. This game was the best of the three. I had switched some stuff up and the Prince and dragon were gone. Added another unit of spearmen, battle standard bearer, and Wizard. The lion chariot was alos dropped and I added in two of the other chariots. This game was all about a combat in the middle of the field a unit of two orcs one on the flank vs a unit of white lions. This is when I fell in love with that unit. Stubborn is so solid in Fantasy it is not even funny. Lets also not forget that Great Weapons striking first is also really solid. It probably took 5 turns of combat and the first unit of orcs was gone and damage was done to the second. I was finally able to get a unit of spearmen over there to help out and they did not help, they made the lions kill nothing lol. At this point there were only like 3 lions left tops and no champ. So they both ran but those lions fought hard as hell. I dont know how I feel about elf magic since it really doesnt do damage, the rerolls are nice but kinda situational.

Result : TIE