Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is my new project. I am still trying to decide what kinda army I want to field with them but so far I got two squads of ten to paint up. I also made a purchase from forge world for 1 squad of Elysians and the Kreig Commisar which I think is my new favorite model. So if anyone has ideas on how I should run the Valhallans let me know.

Ive been getting ass handed to me vs orks in apoc but proud last game took down one of the stompas and the garg squigoth, so progress is being made.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The air calv has arrived

The three valks came in today, barter town is the best thing ever.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Line in the sand

Damnit, lost another apoc battle to the orks. It was my first game using superheavies so that was fun. God damn custom force field stompas are annoying. Highlight of the match was doing 7 wounds to a garg squiggoth on the last turn so close to taking it out. Anyways Drew is pushing for me to go to the game room in sept for some sort of massive one on one game. I will be going up against Chaos and I of course will be playing the Imperial Guard. I decided I need a bit of time so the game will not be played until sept. I think im going to need a few painting nights at the house that woe built.

May stop by the game room to try and pick up some more stuff. Other projects that are currently going on are my valhallans. I have been scouring ebay every day looking to pick some stuff up. I have some auctions ending tomorrow so I hope that Ill be able to win some. My goal is to have a complete company for each race of guard. We will see how that goes. Im also going to order some 10 man squads from the collectors section. 35 bucks for ten guys doesnt seem to bad. I really need a bretonian box of men at arms for some conversions I want to do. I have been wanting to do more conversions lately and have found that I cant bring myself to pick up a brush. I am hoping that this game at the gameroom will inspire some painting to get done. Also all my cadian melta gunners should be coming in the mail this week for some high elf crap that I sent out via

Friday, July 10, 2009

heavy wpns

Here are the pics from some conversions I did for hvy wpns let me know what you think.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reinforcement have arrived

Since we have started playing warhammer I have always been the one pushing for larger games. The group has finally been convinced to play at the apoc level and I think that everyone is enjoying themselves. You would think I would be the first to get a super heavy but sadly I was the last. I picked up a baneblade and stormblade for 100 bucks this past Sunday. When I got home I started on the baneblade, it took quite long to complete. About 5 and a hald hours later my first super heavy was finished and now I cant wait to try her out.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here is my mage so far, still need to do his hair and the symbols and the stuff on the sword. After that just need to ink. I have to say I'm very happy how he looks so far.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The tides of war

Yesterday was a very good day got to get three games in. Game one I played vs Drew and he was using his DE and I was playing my HE. I would say the first four turns of this game he just pounded on me relentlessly like a monkeys uncle. By turn two all 4 bolt throwers were basically taken out of service. This was very bad. The good news is that the sword masters made it to his backfield and were able to take out one of his bolt throwers. The white lions proved their worth as usual as they ran down a unit on the last turn to capture a standard which was important since it basically pushed the game to a tie since he had one of mine. I think I should have not taken Elf magic vs drew in this game.

Game two was vs hoj playing his dwarves. This game went horrible. For starters I really didnt know how much his warmachines would hurt, so on turn one i kinda just held my ground shooting. I learned rather quickly that it hurts. I should have not taken fire magic I should have went with elf magic so I could have given my units ward saves. Highlight of the game came on the last turn when Cara charged the anvil and challneged out the Rune Lord. He was struck down by a great weapon and horrible rolling on my part in combat, but the mark came down and buried the Rune lord for 5 wounds. To be honest I cant believe I came back to only have a minor victory instilled against me. Oh I also forgot the knights brutally failed in this game. They charged a block unit and did not inflict a single would on the charge. Hoj didnt have to make one armor save. To add insult to injury the knights were run down by the dwarves I mean are you kidding me.

Game three was also vs Hoj but I was trying out a different HE list. I took basically a fast moving army. The list is basically a prince on a griffon, 3 noble's on great eagles, 3 lion chariots, 4 repeaters, 2 10 man archer units, and 6 dragon princes. In this game I got the first turn and flew towards cover with all my flying units while things advanced. Anvil didnt work for hoj turn one so i flew behind all his units on turn two and also was inflicting good damage ona block unit with my repeaters. Turn three I wiped out all of his artillery through combat and one was shot out by repeaters. As the game went on I killed a block unit with knights and a chariot. My leader fought for three turns alone vs hammerers and finally ran off the board, I was very happy with the damage he did killing a grudge thrower, a unit of miners, and about 9 hammerers or so. Towards the end of the game I held an extra table quarter and secured a solid victory.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They will pay

The High Elf Prince paced back and forth, the leader of his army the noble Jigarol had been captured by the Dark Elves. This was no ordinary noble. Third in line to become protecterate of the kingdom is no ordinary nobel. He had no choice he must unleash the armies of his kingdom. The Dark Elves will regret the day they took Jigarol. There was something missing, the army must be led by a new elf, and not just some noble, but none other then the Captain of the Phoniex Guard. I weep for our cousins who have gone astray.

So this weekend I played Drew and his Dark Elves. We were playing at 2250 and I basically just added a mage in and the banner of sorcery. This gave me several more power dice and actually let me do a little bit of offensive magic. The game went very well for me. This was the first battle in which I used a special char and he did not disappoint. He struck down one of drew hero in one swing of the blade doing three wounds. He charged a unit of crossbowmen and held then for two turns widdling them down while waiting for the white lions, and he also made a chariot lay in its own wreckage. I like this current list but the only thing im considering is dropping one unit of archers as it always seems I only really need one unit.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Battle Report

Played a game vs Wong this week. He was using Ogre kingdoms and I was playing the High Elves. This game went very well for me. The ogres basically could not deal with the 4 repeater bolt throwers. By the time he reached my ranks the White Lions and Sword Masters were able to clean up everything that was left. Wizard rolled a 5 for magic which was pretty cool as a rip spell. It was a little better cause I think Wong kept forgetting to dispel it so it got up to str 6 hits which was rather nice. Spearmen got run down on a flee move so that was kinda sad but all in all it was a solid game.

Result: Win

Overall Record: 4-1-1
Vs Wong : 3-1-1
Vs Hoj : 1-0
Vs Orcs : 2-0-1
Vs Dark Elves : 0-1-0
Vs Ogre Kingdoms : 2-0-0